Attract Your Magnificent Outcome!

Attract your Magnificent outcome by using the law of attraction and being grateful for it before it happens!

(Please excuse the hair mishap :p – I noticed it after I had already come inside… lol)

Thoughts on Attracting Your Magnificent Outcome

We’ve all been guilty of speaking the phrases, “I hope it happens” or “it would be nice” but what Rhonda Byrne reveals in The Magic is that we literally create our own outcomes.


You see, I spent much of my life reacting and acting as if much of what happened in my life was out of my control, however, once I watched The Secret for the first time I realized how much of an impact what I was thinking and saying was having on my outcome.


We all have an ability to constantly improve, if we choose to, and faith in our outcome might just create the burning drive we need to accomplish whatever it is we want.


An Interesting Exercise for Today


Why not practice this today and see how you feel about it?


Start by writing down three things you want to go well today and then write “thank you for the magnificent outcome to______________”


Focus on feeling how it feels to accomplish it and write it is if you already have!


Every day I practice gratitude I instantly have a better day. My goal is to help you have a better day too! :)


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