51 thoughts on “What’s Keeping You From Achieving What You Want? – Setting A Clear Intention

  1. bornalmost

    Good to see your inspiring video this morning. But I am still lacking that spark you are trying to convey because transforming thoughts in a bold manner takes some hard and tough decisions. which tends to be a load and pressure on a free mind, ultimately creating troubles and problems for us and for our beloved ones. I want to settle and live a life in the U.S.A, but my family does not. Being clear in my aim can make disturbed to all of us. I feel sorry, to comment on your views, though I liked them very much. Most of the times, ‘determination’ falls against your tangible instincts. For some reasons you are also true. Thanks.

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this comment. Of course the concept cannot be used to the detriment of others but I’m reminded of a story of two farmers trying to get a horse into a barn. They pushed and pulled but the horse would not move. The wife of one of the farmers saw their struggles and walked up to the horse, put her finger in its mouth (playing on a maternal instinct), and led the horse effortlessly into the barn.

      I share this story simply because sometimes I feel like it just takes understanding what the other person really wants in order to help them see the benefit to your plan. In other words, put what you want in terms of what they want.. :)

      When you say your family doesn’t want to settle down here, is it possible that there is a deeper reason for that? Maybe if it was uncovered, it would allow you all to achieve your best possible outcome? I’m a true believer that sometimes these challenges can actually be resolved into better outcomes than anyone had dreamed. All the best with this and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. bornalmost

        Thanks Andrew. Your reply has shown me a clear picture. I am that kind of a person who never gives up a hope and wait for the desired result until final and last trial. I am really inspired by your intelligent and motivating thoughts. It is easy to take decisions when you are all alone but it is a point of understanding and how do you put things to others, (as you advised above) when a group of people is involved. Actually, you are quite right that nothing is impossible as when there is a will there is a way. A true will is really needed, that may be my hidden reason.

  2. idealgoal

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  3. juliebcosgrove

    Thanks for following my blog. I hope it helps you find new ways to see God in your day–every day. He is there, watching over you, waiting for you to call on Him and loving you no matter what.

  4. trishaproud

    I totally agree if you want to succeed in life then you have to have “goals”……..or as you so succinctly put it “clear intentions”. I love the farmer and horse analogy!

  5. Burke Writes

    Andrew, thank you for following my blog, as well. You are so right that achieving a goal requires more than saying “I want to be a great humanitarian”. Any goal, like any project, business, personal or professional objective requires definition – I want to have established and fully funded a global non-profit for XYZ by 2023″ – milestones to measure progress – and, finally, ways to define success. Success is not achieving non-profit status and a large membership. For a non-profit, success is measured more in the number of people/animals/flora or fauna that have been helped by your non-profit across the globe by 2023, rather than the number of members supporting you. What would be your target? Or whatever the applicable details. Exchange lives for $ and the process is still the same.

  6. amuraow

    Love this video! Setting a goal is one thing, but setting specific goals is another. There is a definite line between the two. Being able to clarify and specify exactly what you want brings your goals to life and makes them much more achievable; this is truly key to achieving your goals. Thanks for the post Andrew, I’m with you 100%!

  7. Deepthi

    Hey ! ThanKs for going through my blog. I guess you came across my blog because I tagged my recent poem as “positivity” .
    I loved what you said. Its so true that unless we set a goal, we will never have anything to work for or towards. I thank you for this video because I just set a goal and I m starting out towards it with all the hope that I can gather:)

  8. cabincrewsue

    Wow, just what I needed to hear right now. As I’m sure you read from my blog this is exactly what I’m trying to do! Thanks Andrew. I’ll keep checking in when the motivation needs topping up!

  9. isaacmaloba

    Hello Andrew, I love the inspiration and positive energy that you feed into the contents on your page. More interesting is the positive responses and interactions from your followers here. I enjoyed reading several comments. Please thank you for liking ‘The smartest Ways of Dealing with Career Evolution’. Cheers!

  10. bloggingbyrgottier

    Hi Andrew!
    Just thought this video was a great & very inspiring video about choices on what you want, decisions to get there & putting your mind to it. Thanks for following my post of “Why Marketing Appeals To Me?” & following my blog too. It is so good to know that I have something in common with people & get others to really use what I say in my posts besides.

  11. Christina MacQuarrie

    Thanks for liking my post. Great theme, here. The idea of sustainability in changing your thoughts and perspective of accountability is the adage; Change your thoughts and you will change the world. Te trouble is these words are so abused that one drowns in the words themselves, and they become meaningless. My book character, Christina attempts to bring the power and reality back into the original message. Does this strike you as being powerfu and interesting or is it merely boring? http://christinamacquarrie.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/story-of-my-life-national-safety-awareness-day-nsad/

  12. Michael Hutton

    This is my first day with the blog thing, and you are my very first subscriber. It’s a trip because I can relate to your style and the way you interact in the videos is right up my alley, man. I have no clue as to how I’m going to make any money, tried so much stuff this last six months. I’m going to keep hearing what your saying and hopefully, I’ll get the hang of whatever it is I’m needing to get the hang of. Enjoyed the videos and thx for christening my blog dude!

  13. MM and Jen

    Focus and then refocus and then again. You are so right about clarity. Sometimes it is hard to get through all the clutter to really be clear on what you want and daily move towards it. Thank you.

  14. Nandini

    I like your energy and enthusiasm, keep up the good work. Success is yours for sure and thank you for following my blog. I hope to share this ancient science of Vastu with you in a way that you can relate with and benefit from.


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