There is NO Trying. Only Doing.

there is no trying


If you’ve ever seen The Empire Strikes back you know what I’m getting at here. Chances are most of you have seen this so you’ll have great reference for the point I’m making here.

How often in your life do you use the word “try“?

Please genuinely think about your words today when you’re talking about things you want.


Is Life Happening to You or Are You Happening To Life?


For many people, the sad truth is that they believe life is happening to them. This is NOT TRUE!

We are happening to our lives!

When you want to make phone call do you say “I’ll try to fish my phone out of my pocket” or do you say “just a second, let me get my phone”?

When you want to pick up your fork do you say “let me try to eat my dinner” or do you say “LET’S EAT”?

So why do so many people talk in terms of trying when it comes to the things that are near and dear to their hearts, like getting out of poverty, spending more time with their children and being better partners in their relationship?

We’re all guilty of this at some point. But what we should say is “Dammit, I’m going to do it. Period. End of story.”


Real Life Determination

I heard an amazing internet marketer with Empower Network, Tony, share his story yesterday…  and it was flooring!

He was just given a ring for earning over $1,000,000 in his business when only 20 months ago he had to borrow change from his son’s piggy bank in order to buy groceries.

He didn’t try to correct things and improve life for his family, he just did it.

Trying implies failure.

Upon looking back, Tony says that “trying ruins lives and creates zombies“.

Don’t let this be your story.

Today, make the decision to eliminate this word from your vocabulary.

Dakota Mclearn and I at Empower Network Event this past weekend
Dakota and I


I had a chance to meet Dakota this weekend for the first time and we instantly became friends. His story is so ridiculously inspirational. He decided to go for what he wanted and just take it… and he did it. You can see his story below.



Dakota has come a long way from this video and is still earning more and has become even more of a leader.


I also had a chance to meet Dave wood, who founded Empower Network after being homeless and living in a van. He now lives an amazing life in a mansion in Costa Rica and collected his $1,000,000 ring this weekend.

Dave and I


Meeting these people has inspired me so much and caused me to set my intentions more clearly than ever. Please think about what you want today and DECIDE to go out and take it. You can do anything you want.

As Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the Mind can Conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

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