5 thoughts on “Make Someone Feel Important Today

  1. Tom

    Another good post. Since concentrating on my creative writing and stepping down from management I have maintained the adage that ‘all customers should be treated as you would like to be treated’. It was how I dealt with staff and customers alike when I was a manager and now that I only work three days a week as a sales assistant I haven’t changed my attitude to the job. Retail isn’t called a ‘service’ industry for nothing. A little help sometimes goes a long way.

  2. Rebecca

    Thank you for the “follow”. I like inspirational quotes very much but we should remember that life doesn’t always fall in line so conveniently. The truth is none of us get can have “everything we want in life”.(For one thing we might want some things that are not good for us at all. This has nothing to do, of course, with helping others. That should be reward in itself. Again, thanks for the “follow”.

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