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maxwell maltz

I like to keep an eye for good self confidence books/self image books and thought I would share.

I’m reading Psycho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz, right now and absolutely loving where its going. I love the study of the inner-self and our beliefs… It’s really cool to learn about the way that our beliefs affect our actions which ultimately affect our results.

As Maltz put it, “You will ‘act like’ the sort of person you conceive yourself to be

We can’t act out of congruence with our own self image, in spite of all conscious effort.

In other words, if you view yourself as a failure, you’ll conduct yourself in a way that will set you up for failure.

If you believe that you are a success and that you are capable… and you look for examples to support those conclusions. You will be as you believe..

We all have successes… whether their big or small… we’ve all had them.


We can change our own self image if we make a concentrated effort… I personally feel its valuable to constantly improve and this is no exception.

How we feel is ultimately something we can change. Although I haven’t gotten into the specific exercises yet, Maltz did give a 21 day program to change your self image and grab that self confidence boost! I wish I had found this book much earlier and life!

Life is not a game of chance.

We really are the pilots of our own flights… The captains of our own ships… and ah.. some other creative analogy :)

I will keep an eye out for other self confidence books and self-image books that I think are relevant and will keep you posted!

Enjoy your day.

Take Action.

Make your Life Happen!

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4 thoughts on “We Are How We Feel – Self Image – Self Confidence Books

  1. adrianzambrano1988

    Confidence in ourselves leads to others feeling confident in us, thus leading to more success. We can all be successful in our own way, we just need to believe in what we have to offer.

  2. Neddy

    Having a positively healthy self-image will not only make you feel great about yourself but others will also feel the energy that is within you.

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