A Truly Beautiful Song & Story

I’m generally not the mushiest guy, as my girlfriend might point out… but this is such a beautiful story.

I’m so inspired to see people coming together to create this kind of happiness for another person.

and I actually really like the song.

Beautiful lyrics.

Simple and Easily Understood.

Not bad for guy who’s never written a song before :)

Please share!

14 thoughts on “A Truly Beautiful Song & Story

      1. The Citizen

        I couldn’t really find the reblog button, which is usually located at the top left of the page, so I just created my own post about this, and I put this post’s link on it for the credit of sharing this to me. 😀

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  2. DJBlackmore

    What is so beautiful to me is that someone else who had never had any association of Fred and Lorraine, was moved so give something back; a gift of love in itself. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

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