What’s Your Identity?

I freaking love listening to Tony Robbins… he has a way of explaining things that is easily understood by almost anyone.

This morning I was listening to a story he was telling about The Scorpion and The Frog.

If you’ve never heard it it goes like this:

There is a scorpion at the side of a river looking for a way to get accross to his family on the other side. Not sure how to proceed he paces back and forth until he spots a frog hopping along. He yells out, “Mr. Frog, I’m trying to get across this river, will you let me ride on your back across the river so I can get to my family?”

The frog responded, “no way… you’re a scorpion and scorpions sting frogs…”

the scorpion responds, “you’re not thinking Mr. Frog, if I sting you, sure you’ll die, but I will die too, because I can’t swim”

The Frog, puzzled by this, said, okay and the scorpion hopped onto his back.

He started peddling out into the middle of the river when sure enough, the scorpion stung the frog.

As the frog is going down he turns over and looks at the scorpion and says, “why did you do that? now we’re both going to die?”

The scorpion replies, “I’m a scorpion, and scorpions sting frogs”

A Powerful Lesson

As Robbins explains, one of our strongest human needs is to be consistent with our identity.

At a deep level, how do you identify yourself? Be careful how you respond because it will actually shape your behavior and results.

remember, just because you’ve acted a certain way in the past does not mean that that behavior is your identity.

for example, “I am late” vs. “I arrived late” or “I’m not good at math” vs. “This math is challenging” or “I didn’t do well on that test”

“I’m not good at math” will lead to one result, regardless of capability… poor performance in math.

It has to.. otherwise we’re not being consistent with our identity

“I didn’t do well on that math test”, however, does allow for improvement in the future.

This is why internal dialogue is so important. What we tell ourselves every day does affect our results!

So catch those negative thoughts about yourself in your head and stomp on them.

Thanks for reading, following and sharing! :)

15 thoughts on “What’s Your Identity?

  1. Margo Blue

    Love it! I recently read “Change Your Words, Change Your Life” by Joyce Meyer and it has made me EXTREMELY aware of my words! Even yesterday I was having a very rushed morning and this guy asked me how my morning was going and I almost said “It’s been crazy” but I stopped myself. I then told him about the book and the internal fight I was having in that moment and he helped me.. We both agreed upon “It’s been a productive morning.” :-)

  2. laikuspurs

    thanks a lot for this insightful story. i needed to read something like this today with how everything’s turning out for me in my recent adventure. awesome blog you got here(:

  3. mtnslamgrass

    Very insightful Andrew: embracing who we are, and identifying with it as opposed to allowing external forces to define us.
    BTW… Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

  4. jmelfrank

    Our identity comes from our core beliefs of who we are, that is a certainty. We can discover a person’s identity by taking the time to evaluate their core values. Values are to beliefs, as fruit is to the roots of the plant. Whatever we plant, that is what we get. It’s the law of the harvest. As we consider their answers, asking them to reveal the attributes of a healthy person who portrays the top four most important core values listed on a sheet of paper, we discover who that person really is. As for me, I am a passionate, significant, God-fearing, balanced, influential leader. As I live my life, I find evidence daily of the significance of my identity statement. This is not a simple affirmation that is made up to make me feel good, it is the core of my belief system, it is who I really am.

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