Hello From Austria!

Travelling to Europe is always an adventure in itself… this time I made the decision not to sleep when I got here and was literally walking around like a zombie by the end of the day.

All totalled I spent 12.5 hours travelling and 30 straight hours awake.. I was nodding off in weird places.. like in a Turkish restaurant while eating Kebap (which is absolutely delicious here btw – albeit, not Austrian)

When I finally fell asleep it lasted for 15.5 hours… and after a delicious cup of coffee (for some reason the coffee is just amazing here) and some plain yogurt with strange chocolate muesli, I was ready to go! :)

So I wanted to share a little of my experiences here because I feel inspired… I will also keep sharing good and inspiring thoughts while I’m here!

but first…

This is what’s called the Wine Mountains on the Southern Border of Austria (looking onto Slovenia). The rolling hills and beautiful architecture are like nothing I’ve ever seen so I shot a quick video for you.

The two people in the video are my girlfriend, Jordan, and our friend Rainer who is from outside of Graz and is helping us learn German!

prior to visiting the wine mountains we took a quick trip to the store to buy my first pair of Lederhosen.. as you’ll see below, I’m pretty happy with the purchase :)



That’s all for now! My next post will be about “getting mad” and why sometimes it’s okay! :)

11 thoughts on “Hello From Austria!

      1. Andrew Hines Post author

        Thanks Irina! I didn’t realize the blog emails worked like that. Glad you were able to get it! :)

  1. my2centsny

    Austria is nice- been there twice- though only in Innsbruck and Salzburg. We absolutely love both cities,especially Salzburg- went to all of the places where The Sound of Music was filmed. Amazing! both my 4 year old son like that your wearing and it is genuinely cowskin! It still smells like it,too haha:-)

  2. islandletters

    It’s a lovely part of Austria, and yes, Austria is a lovely country to visit. Went there three times in 2013 and would have loved to go even more often.

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