What If…

what if

Far too often I’ve witnessed (and been guilty of) the phrase “I can’t”…

But “What if…”

…What If there was another way of living?

…What if there was a way to be happier?

…What if there was a way to live your dreams?

While I can’t promise that “what if” will lead instantly to your final solution… I can tell you that it is powerful and that it helps people to uncover new possibilities.

It creates an “Open Loop”

what does this mean? Well it means that your mind now has to start thinking in terms of the possibilities…

From there you can hypothesize about ways to make it happen… That’s why a good question to follow-up with is “how can I” or “how could I”.


The Power Of “What If”

Going back to yesterday’s example, “what if” was really the key to Einstein uncovering the theory of relativity.

Next time you catch yourself saying “I can’t” or “it won’t work”… follow it up with “but, what if I could” or “what if it does” and keep asking questions with the intent of reaching your solution (review yesterday’s post as well :))

Whatever you do, just DON’T leave it at “I can’t” or “it won’t work” because then your mind has stopped working towards possibilites or solutions. You’ll have closed the loop… Instead, keep the loop open and the possibilities and ideas will come to you! :)

Thanks for reading, sharing and following! :)

18 thoughts on “What If…

  1. gaellebythesea

    I really liked the idea. in fact this could catch on! sometimes it is good to find a new angle and when you are really stuck to open your mind to new ideas and what other people do. so what if I made this a daily challenge to myself?

  2. wr1ghtlexi

    I get it, so you are saying to use the “what if” scenario in a positive light instead of negative so that we can find the solution by asking “how can I make it happen?” That is a great idea! :-)

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