Be Real, Be Yourself

be real be yourself


I just took a run up the mountain in the middle of the city here in Graz (the Schlossberg or “Schloßberg”) and thought it would be a perfect time to share a post on being real:)

This was actually the first time I’ve run in a while but there’s a giant staircase running up the side of the mountain and I had to challenge myself. I got about 1/3 of the way up and then slowed it down to a power walk…lol

Here are a couple of pictures I took just in case you’re curious

schlossberg graz

(above was the view once I reached the top… several people were walking down but I think I was the only one headed up)

The Stairs

(The stairs)

Why do I share this with you?

Well I want to be who I am…

“How to” can only go so far. At the end of the day…

It’s always people and people and the one thing I’ve learned since I started blogging is that everyone just wants someone who is real.

No matter what business your in, what path you’ve chosen in life.. people want to know you. the real you!

I love seeing bloggers pour their hearts out and share their thoughts on something they’re passionate about. It’s amazing!


Whether your a blogger, a ‘tweeter’, a marketer or just a friend on facebook…

….Don’t hide behind your words.

Be yourself.

Be real.

Let your followers into your life.

For Bloggers, make sure your “about me” page is personal but to the point. Tell people who you are and make yourself relateable. The more they can relate to you, the more they will want to follow :)

Quick Tips: Make sure to include your name, maybe what you like and don’t like… and most importantly, what’s important to you and your passions. (I would also highly recommend a video!)


For Everyone Else…

Let the people around you into your life… Personally! :)

Trust me, this wasn’t always the easiest for me… I grew up kind of shy and sometimes struggled to “let people in”.. But the more I work at it, the easier it gets.

Inspire The Most People

I love helping people and more specifically, I love inspiring people.

You, who have followed my blog and have poured your heart out in the comments and shared… You are an inspiration to me! :)

Thank you for being real with me and for following and sharing my posts.

I look forward to many more great days of inspiration!

29 thoughts on “Be Real, Be Yourself

  1. Kristin Maillard

    It’s so true. Thanks Andrew. I am finding that the more vulnerable and flawed and just plain “real” I am, the more it puts others at ease to be vulnerable, flawed and real around me and each other. Great insight.

  2. sweetlysusan

    Andrew, I love this post. However, I need to offer the “other side” of being real. I was real. I let people in, to a flaw. So much so, I ended up with a stalker of sorts who all but just about ruined me, (my real me that is). I divulged feelings, offered to help, let this person in. What he did next stunned and hurt me. He sent my personal information to two people who wanted fodder to hurt. Those are the people to be wary of. I learned very serious lessons from this, and had I not, then the entire experience would have been worthless. So, my comment to you, is yes, be real. Be exactly who you want to project yourself to be, but always remember that offering this in a public forum, there will always be people preying on this information, ready at a glance to use this what you say against you. This person found me through my blog. So be careful, be very, very careful with what you disclose about yourself.

    1. irinadim

      Susan, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m quite at ease to be myself among my friends in real life but I’m reluctant to reveal more than necessary on social media sites. Andrew, be careful.

  3. nantubre

    I agree with sweetlysusan. People can be crazy these days. In the interest of privacy, it is a good idea to keep in mind that whatever you put on the internet will follow you for lifetimes to come.
    BTW, thanks for following my blog. You have blessed me and I hope you are inspired as I am by yours.

  4. hearthesound

    I like people who are themselves and not pretend to be someone else. I’m trying this every single day. I want to make a difference in the world, not to be a copy of anyone, but to be myself and every day to discover more and more of who I can be or really am. I like to write poems and sing .. I am a person who believes in God and I’m convinced that the gifts that He has placed in us are not for us but for the edification of others around us, as you said, an inspiration for those around us and for the glory of God. I like honest people who do not hide behind anyone trying to be someone else .. God help you discover who you really are through His eyes.

  5. aerobabe619

    Thank you for stopping by my blog,i agree when i relax and just be me.I seem to do better all around.My work,making friends,and even as a parent to grown children. I get more respect.Great post

  6. MagicArtist

    In my show, I’m trying to break the wall between artist and audience. I’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is to bring more of myself forward, to make it personal.

  7. zygerina

    hmm, good post, and about the ‘about me page’
    that’s the first thing i check out about the bloggers…. i think all writers are real when they write,aren’t they?

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Ah, yes.. that could be quite the debate. Yes, I definitely think we’re all real when we express our passions :)

  8. nesslee2013

    I’m with you Andrew, I would rather be real, I don’t like to put on airs, nor do I hang around people that think they have to put on airs to impress people. People will like you better if you just be yourself, if you find someone doesn’t like you when you are being yourself, ask someone close to you, who you know will be honest and ask them if there’s anything about you that maybe turn people off or, turn them away, and then change that. People can’t change if they don’t know there’s something that needs changing. I also think that honesty goes a very long way, and people need to realize that it takes courage sometimes to be bluntly honest with someone, and if you’re the receiver of that blunt honesty, then thank them for it, and respect them above all, and try to do things differently to improve on something about yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re not being real, it only means that you care enough to want people around you to spend time and have fun with. :) Genuineness in a person is sometimes a hard quality to find, but when you find it, you’ve got a friend, but it goes both ways. :)

  9. itssunnyinmysoul

    I love the advice. I’ve had some of the same kind of response to some of the things I post about in my blog. Having previously been a corrections officer, I understand the caveats about sharing too much. But there is a difference between sharing real-life experiences and feelings you’ve had and sharing your home address and telephone number. Reading about someone else’s experiences, feelings, thoughts, insights and advice make us realize that we’re all so connected. Makes us aware that though we may live in Austria or Australia, the human experience isn’t all that different amongst us. Sure, there are ugly people out there. To quote Alfred Pennyworth, “there are some men who just want to watch the world burn”. I know my worth and what kind of person I am. It does not hang on someone else’s (certainly not a stranger) words.

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      You’re awesome, Erin. And you seem to be doing really great things with your blog. Thanks for sharing this. You’re right on the money! :)

  10. liampitts

    Great post Andrew :)
    Weird question, I know, but I’ve looking looking EVERYWHERE and can’t seem to find how I put the ‘About Me’ tab at the top. Could you help? :)

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