Nothing Has Meaning Except The Meaning We Give It

nothing has meaning except the meaning we give itI love this thought. We color everything in our lives with our interpretation.

How do you interpret events in your life?

A wonderful exercise is to think back to a “bad” thing that happened in your life..

When you look at it critically, can you honestly say that not one good thing came out of it? Likely not… if it was a divorce, maybe it made you stronger or helped you realize a change needed to be made in your approach.. if it was a death in the family.. maybe it helped you get in touch with your emotions.

When my Dad died it was pretty much the worst thing that I could have imagined happening… In fact I would never even admit it was real.. or happening. He was sick for 6 months and it was “inevitable” as the doctors had said…

I was emotionally numb.. and if anything, I was cynical.. and mentally sabotaging myself consistently.

I remember walking out of the hospital with my Mom just after he died and saying to her “I just don’t know what to make of this… I want to believe he’s still with me but I just feel so cynical about this..”

My Mom was pretty strong for having just lost her husband and just said something along the lines of “well that’s a problem.. you need to figure it out because that’s no way to live”

From that moment on I was determined to change my attitude and approach..

It was that event that woke me up to the power of personal development, reading and the non-school version of continued education.

So while almost three years have passed since my father died, I can look back and give it any meaning I want.

I loved my dad ad I choose to think his death brought my family closer together and made me a better person.

Neither are things I needed to think of or focus on..

I could have just sat there and said “why me?”… I’m glad I made a change

Taking Control

It gets me pumped up to know that we can chose to look at things and give them meaning in whatever way we please!

Did something happen in your life that you’ve given a dis-empowering meaning to?

How can you look at it differently to turn it into a positive?

I realize this may be a large request but I encourage you to take this approach anyway. It might just be the key to being significantly happier, every day! :)

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27 thoughts on “Nothing Has Meaning Except The Meaning We Give It

  1. Mpho

    This will be my thought of the day, but hopefully the attitude will grow and stay with me for my whole life. Nothing has meaning expect the meaning we give it!

  2. Colaface

    I absolutely love this post. At the beginning of the year I’ve been making a conscious effort to change my mental attitude. And my gosh has it changed my life for the better.

    Life is absolutely alllll about perspective!

  3. peacefulblessedstar

    On Nov 10 2012, I suffered a cerebral artery aneurysm rupture. Not only did have some physical challenges, but mentally I went through it as well.

    But Spiritually, I am changed for the better. I have awakened to a whole new world/life that I didn’t know was out there.

    I can’t work at the moment, so I finally have time to devote to my writing.

    It takes me longer; I misspell and mistype things. I can’t multitask like I used to, but I am appreciating every moment of my life instead of rushing through tasks to get to the next one.

    My doctors say I will heal. I may not be the “same” and that’s okay with me, because I feel like I have grown and I am actually a little “better” than I was before.

    Thanks for sharing and reading,


  4. amandalannon

    We have been given free will and that allows us to choose how we respond to circumstances which could have a negative impact on our lives. It is up to each individual to be accountable for how they respond, for how they manage their lives.

  5. analitaism

    This is wonderful! I lost my father when I was 9 and I can defintely say it made me stronger… the events in our lives happen and we give them value, which can change our view of life at any second.

    keep blogging!

  6. debralambers

    Great piece! Thanks for sharing it.

    Yes! Life’s defining moments…the loss of my brother when I was only 23 years old, was EXTREMELY painful, however my life today is so pleasant as a result of no longer taking people for granted and being judge mental.

  7. bobritzema

    Very true. I’d add, though, that some meanings attributed to events are more suitable than others. After all, the meaning Hitler gave to Germany’s defeat in WWI pretty much led to WWII and the Holocaust.

  8. breathethislife

    It’s funny. Not “haha” funny but “facinating” funny. Not to toot my own horn but I’ve had this mentality my whole life.

    Everything has a purpose. Each situation has a reaction that can lead to another situation, leading to a life lesson. These lessons make you mentally and emotionally stronger and build character.

    People who face tough challenges early in life, in my view, are better prepared in the long run because they already know themselves; their strengths, weaknesess and how to deal with them. For more on that, check out my blog “Know Thy Self.”

  9. islandletters

    You are right in the sense that culture provides us with a vocabulary and attached semantics, and we can choose the words with some leeway. But we cannot choose any combination of words, because the meaning we are trying to construct is not transported by our cultural language. This is directly related to that not everything you can say in English makes sense. So while we can dance on the table of culture, we cannot dance without the table.

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