Think Different. Be Different

You Are Special and Unique and have something no-one else has.

You think a certain way that no one else can.

You are amazing.

You have unique talents that no one else has… You’re probably not even aware of many of them.

You have dreams that no one else has.

When it comes to being you… you are perfect!

With All these unique and amazing qualities you have, are you creating your own path?

Earl Nightingale once said this about a situation where a person didn’t have the ability to think for his or herself: If you see a giant group of people going one way and just one or two going the other way, that you should follow the one or two…

He didn’t mean you should rebel for no reason.. he just meant that often times large crowds often are just a group of people following the one in front of them… and no one is actually thinking.

But you’re not like that! Right?

Think about it…

Doctors used to recommend smoking and it was widely accepted.

Doctors also recommended a drug,called Bendectin, for morning sickness, which was the alleged cause of widespread birth defects.

Asbestos was used in nearly all building materials until the 1970s.

Use of asbestos has resulted in an estimated 500,000 deaths.

and… into a bit more “close to home” kind of stuff.

Check your shampoo bottle… more likely than not the cleaning supplies you use on your body contain parabens, which are a proven cause of cancer yet the FDA has approved the use.

…1/3 of all people in North America die from cancer…


What The Masses Are Doing Doesn’t Always Work

If you only do what the masses are doing you will only get what the masses have… and I don’t believe that the masses are living their dreams.

Not you though…

You’re different because you’re reading this post and know the importance of being you!

The true you feels comfortable questioning what someone tells you.

The true you believes that someone can have passion and conviction and still be wrong, and won’t blindly follow others..

(btw, I’ve had passion and conviction about things and been wrong!)

The True You Thinks.

The True You Occasionally Stops and Asks “Is this really the right way?”

The True You Is You.

So be you.

Before Henry Ford mass produced the automobile people were trying to build a faster carriage.

Before Edison created the working light bulb, people thought he was a fool and criticized him for trying.

They we different. and So are you.

So go ahead and. Be different. Be You!

because you are!

That is all! :)

btw, I’m in Paris right now and wanted to share a quick video for anyone who’s interested.

Thanks for sharing, liking and following my blog!

23 thoughts on “Think Different. Be Different

  1. newpaz

    Funny, I am reading a book called “Think differently, Live differently”, good read. You are making some good points there, however unfortunately, a lot of the time we are at the mercy of the masses, we could not know asbestos was bad for us for instance, or that smoking was bad for you (at the time). How do we protect ourselves from those kind of influences where we rely on others to know what’s best because we just don’t know?

  2. wendy karasin

    Good post – and true! I love that you wrote it on my birthday (9/17) and I will be in Paris in about a week’s time!

  3. Carole Avila

    I think the answer to your question, Newpaz, is common sense and a bit of intuitive wisdom. The lungs weren’t made for inhaling anything but oxygen, not smoke. (E-cigs are already causing respiratory problems.) Also, we have a lot more resources available to research nearly everything these days so ignorance is no excuse. On food, if it’s not natural, if it has any added chemicals or hard to pronounce words, it is most likely to cause cancer. The same with alternative health treatments–I trust a lot of them that are tried and true, and would take one over traditional pharmaceuticals. (However, I think modern medicine has a lot to offer, too.) Thank goodness for those human guinea pigs before us!

    Hey, Andrew, great Paris flick. I lived in France for a month, my home base being Paris. It was an incredible experience, especially visiting the castles and their wineries in the Loire Valley. Take a river tour–it’s totally worth it!

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Thanks Patricia. I haven’t gotten into Pinterest yet but do have a Instagram account :) andrewmhines

  4. Liz at Human Nature

    It has taken me many years to be brave enough to be different. Which is ironic really, because in my teens I had no problem being different. In fact I revelled in it. At some point I lost all my confidence. I lost what made me ‘me’. Thank goodness I found her again, because I’ve remembered how much I actually loved thinking differently, and being different. Or perhaps I would term it ‘thinking independently and being independent’. I’ve reminded myself that I have choices – everything I do is a result of a choice I make, not because someone else makes me, or because I can’t be bothered to think for myself.

    And I would also like to recommend a visit to the Loire Valley – absolutely beautiful and the chateaux are absolutely incredible. I visited Chambord as a child and it’s still my favourite chateau. :)

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Thanks a lot, Liz. This was an awesome comment! I will see if we can make it to those chateaus today :)

  5. Iamrcc

    It takes a while to figure out that you can think differently and be different and still be likable. From early childhood, we’re trying to fit in. Got to have the same clothes, the same backpack, gym shoes, etc. Teen years and early adulthood, we seek out people who are “like us”. Some people never figure it out, obviously you have and good for you. Continue to make the point. Thanks for your visit and the like of my post “Red is My Color”.

  6. steveweirich

    I was brought to your page because you had read my writing. Glad you saw my blog as it provoked me to look at yours. This was a good read, challenges my ability to change up my writing style/format. Cheers, SW

  7. prosemachine

    Wow, Andrew. A great post and a great video. You make very good points and it’s something I try to tell my friends from time to time. But it doesn’t matter how many times someone is told something or hears it. They have to make the decision for themselves and put in the effort to achieve greatness.

    Carole and Newpaz bring up some interesting points. The bottom line is, skepticism is important. Nobody is going to spoon-feed you the truth.

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Thank you and great comment! Some skepticism is definitely needed. (With a positive intention, of course!)

  8. Tolerable but not tempting

    Nice to meet you Andrew and Jordan. Finding your blog has been encouraging. I’ve been attempting to avoid a slump and feel like spinning my wheels but finding your blog has been a great pick me up. Thanks!!! And like the Fix it cover! Great job!!!

  9. John Moriarty

    There’s a whole lot of sense in your message, delivered in a refreshing way. Your enthusiasm is infectious and I hope nobody finds a vaccine for it. Looking forward to further posts. Cheers

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Haha, thanks John.. that means a lot! and no worries there. I’ve held onto it this long! :)

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