Live Life In Day Tight Compartments

We’ve all gotten bogged down in the events going on in our lives at one point or another and rather than enjoying our activities at a certain moment, we worry about what might happen.

My suggestion for today is to stick to your decisions. If you decide to spend a day with your family, be with them. If you decide to go out with friends, be with them and forget everything else.

The reason to give every activity and every day “your all”  is Three-fold.

1. You’ll get better results when you do things wholeheartedly (no-exceptions)

it might be a new friend, partner, business opportunity, idea, a feeling of accomplishment, a bonding experience or just a fun time

2. People Will Like You Better Because of Your Approach.

.. :)

3. Your creative brain can work.

Sometimes a change of pace can result in an “aha” moment.

Whatever you have going on in your life, new perspective might not hurt… After all, when Henry Ford was busy creating the first mass produced automobile (the Model T), everyone else was trying to build a faster carriages.

Got a difficult task that you’re looking for an answer on? Thomas Edison would take a nap to help get clear…

I’ve often found that relaxing and having some fun get’s the ideas flowing.

The key was being present In The Moment

When you move your focus to the present moment.. and stop focusing on the electric bill, the latest project at work or who’s picking grandma up from the airport… your subconscious mind can take over and feed you ideas.


Live Life In Day Sealed Containers. 

Just be present TODAY!

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9 thoughts on “Live Life In Day Tight Compartments

  1. teckdeck2008

    I completely agree with this. And I also have an additional approach of taking stock of the day and my goals (short and long) before I go to bed. I then use this contemplation time to plan my next day so I don’t have to spend my morning planning most of the time and can apply the stuff in this article.

  2. Rita Poynor

    I’m becoming more intentional about living in the moment. I’m FINALLY learning that when you focus is on tomorrow you miss the beauty of today.

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