The Habit Of Happiness

habit of happiness


This is a great Lincoln quote and very true.

Did you know that the practice of being happy actually improves your function in almost all areas?

Creativity, reasoning… eyesight.. you name it!

It took me a long time to realize that happiness was a decision.

A lot of people (myself included) say or have said, “I’d be happy if I had a better job”, or “I’d be happy if I had better friends” etc..

but these are all decisions to be unhappy.

delaying happiness is just downright wrong.

you deserve to be happy.

I was reading a book and there was an example of a man that just lost $200,000 in the stock market. He said to his doctor “I’ve lost $200,000, how can I be happy? I’ve lost everything, I’m ruined”. His doctor responded…

“well you could start by not coloring the facts with your opinion…”


the doc responded, “well the fact is that you’ve lost $200,000. The statement that you’ve lost everything and are ruined is an opinion”

This tweaked my interest when I read it because I thought back to the times that I used to make excuses to be unhappy.

The man who lost the $200,000 changed his attitude and became richer than he ever had been because he stopped coloring the facts negatively with his opinion.

This is quite liberating because if he can do it. You can do it, I can do it.. anyone can!

We can be as happy as we decide to be.

It literally is a habit.

A habit of the mind.

A habit of choosing our responses rather than being a victim to them.

So today, do yourself a favor and decide to be happy no matter what happens. Your creativity (and eyesight) will thank you!

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34 thoughts on “The Habit Of Happiness

      1. fryupress

        So true. Happiness is a state of mind only you can find, You have to want to be happy. When we lost a son I looked for the happiness. It was difficult but I managed it. It was that he had been given to me – no-one else and I was so happy to have had him with us for 25 years.

  1. wr1ghtlexi

    I make a daily effort to do this and most of the time I am able to succeed at deciding to be and being happy. I recently started a gratitude journal to God and posted bits and pieces of it earlier today just to give examples of what I find to be thankful for, and I find stuff to thank God for 2-3 times a day and what I am thankful for ends up being half a page to two pages long (the half pages are usually like during the day when something I wasn’t expecting to happen actually happened (in my favor) and I open up my gratitude journal and write it down along with everything else I can think of to be thankful for at the time while the journal is open). So hopefully with this journal, your advice here will actually be easier for me to follow as I continue to thank God for all he has done for me, for all I have, and for everything God is working behind the scenes to work out in my favor because of his faithful promises. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. getrudegertrude

    couldn’t have said it better myself! This is something I’ve been learning through Buddhism! People can either be happy with materialist things or certain situations, or they can be happy for being alive and experiencing this amazing world.

  3. mteferi

    Andrew, this is such an excellent post about Happiness. The quote by Abraham Lincoln is really powerful, isn’it it? I’ve actually believed in that saying for a while now. Even as it’s hard to break one’s mental habits, choosing to do so and moving forward with purpose and determination is always the way to go. Facts are facts, yet opinions are ultimately subjective. We have the power to choose Happiness over sadness, despair, and/or fear. I’m excited that you wrote this post and I hope as many people as possible gets to read it and internalize its meaningfulness. Embody this message as much as you possibly can and live your life fully! Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom Andrew!


  4. shirleyford929

    There has been a lot of unhappiness in my life in the last few weeks, so how strange that I should receive two emails today re being happy. I subscribe to the Abraham-Hicks daily quotes and their message was ‘be happy.’ I can’t ignore messages like these, so guess what? I am going to be happy regardless.

  5. slapthesunshine

    This is something I’ve been told so many times- I’ve even taken a self-help course where I try to find my own happiness. But sometimes it’s really hard, especially when there is shit going on in your life and you’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place. But reading blogs like this gives me the strength and I’m sure it helps other people too. So thank you very much.

  6. Dave Furry

    Attitude is everything I have learned. Even the worst circumstance can be made tolerable if I have a positive attitude. On the flip side, the best circumstance can be made horrible if I am carrying around an attitude of anger, discouragement or unhappiness. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. diffusethemuse

    This erudite post reveals the objective mind-set for happiness—the conscious willingness to take responsibility for your life situation, whatever it may be, and to accept the fact that your ‘unhappy state’ is just the effect of your own lack of objectivity. A wholesome post.

  8. Hannah

    Andrew, I have to tell you what a difference this made to me today. I’m not loving my job right now and today was my first day back to work after a vacation. I had a really hard time getting out of bed and spent the whole morning thinking about how great my life would be if I had a different job or was back on the beach, etc, etc.

    When I opened my email, this post was in there and I opened it and realized exactly what I was doing to myself. Choosing to be happy isn’t easy but it helps when I read posts from other people who are actively trying to better themselves too.

    Thank you for the post and for making my gloomy-starting day a little brighter.

  9. Gail Mullaney

    I was having a hard time last week – disappointed in something I couldn’t control, so the timing of your post was great. Thanks for changing my
    perspective. : )

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  11. annetbell

    I love that Lincoln quote…it is so true. I am delighted you found me so that I have found you! Please visit again soon and often. Namaste. . . . .

  12. floczok

    Thank you for the words of inspiration and also thank you for following me. I have really been making an effort lately at changing how I look at things. When the negative thoughts come in, I try to counteract them with the positive ones. Realizing that happiness is a choice is the first step to a life of fulfilment!

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  14. aerobabe619

    Just a few weeks ago,i wrote how i would pray to God to “MAKE ME HAPPY”,as if suddenly my life and feelings would change over night.Or you had to be very good to deserve happiness.I wasted so much energy and time,When its a choice we make inside to be content,happy or just at peace with ourselves.Every day now i find even a small reason to be joyful,or put on music and have a ball,just being. Thank you for this post. Its amazing to find out ,im not the only one that is making this change

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