Turn On The Happiness


Since happiness is such an important topic I thought I would go ahead a make another post.

Today’s is about turning on the happiness!

Here’s what you need to know:

Is happiness a decision? yes it is (see my previous post here)

Can we speed up the process and help ourselves to get happier more quickly? Of course!

Have you ever had a really, really happy moment? What was it like? Describe it?

Do you have someone amazing in your life that makes you smile?

Do you live in a really beautiful place?

Do you have food to eat and a bed to sleep in?

These are all things we have taken for granted at one time or another!

If we want to feel happier instantly, one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to think of about 5 to 10 things we’re truly grateful for in our lives and write them down along with an explanation for exactly why we’re grateful.

Why does this work? Well to truly explain why we’re grateful for somethings requires us to remember the feelings… when we remember the feelings, we feel them again :)

To top it off, this is a great way to use the law of attraction to our advantage.

Whatever we focus on grows.

So focus on happy moments today (and every day) and you’ll not only feel happy for reliving that moment in your mind, but you’ll also attract more moments of that type into your life.

Please share this post and also subscribe to my blog. As always, I’m very grateful! :)

39 thoughts on “Turn On The Happiness

  1. peterM

    Hi Andrew
    Great post! There’s nothing more powerful than a simple smile. Today’s my birthday and I’m heading to the beautiful Welsh mountains. Sarah my partner is amazing and life’s just great…the universe is more than generous.

  2. Colaface

    I count my blessings before bed. Being alive, my daughter and husband, the amazing people in my life, my mental shift. Perception is everything and counting blessings is always a good thing. Great post!

  3. Michael Genford

    Hi Andrew

    Great post (I’m reblogging).

    I agree with you on so many levels. As Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) in Star Wars said, “Your focus determines your reality.” If our focus is on anything positive, only positive will be allowed in our lives.

    Sometimes we’re stuck, though. We can sometimes find it difficult to evoke those good feelings, those good memories. I wrote about this in http://theiamblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/better-than-coffee/ and how to get started.

    Enjoy France!

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  5. Dianne Johnston

    Andrew today I am grateful for your thoughtfilled post especially the value of remembering positive emotions. I sometimes forget about my “emotional guidance system” while viewing my GPS app.

  6. Devrie Spaulding

    This is the perfect post for today. I’ve been fighting with happiness and wasn’t sure how to win the war. It has really been affecting my ability to write. I’m gonna try this out. Thanks again!

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Thanks for posting your thoughts. I agree that we have to feel our feelings. We’re bound to have unhappy moments. We all do. But it’s what we do with and how long we stay in those moments that will define us.

      1. relationshipxray

        Sometimes you can’t help staying in that kind of a moment. Everyone has their own need regarding the amount of time. We need to grieve and the clarity moment will come in its own time.

        Also, not being Unhappy doesn’t mean that we are/have to be happy. A lot of people tend to forget that we have a BIG range of emotions and they compress everything into few feelings.

  7. ivyon

    Funny I saw this because I was just doing that today :) To me it helps just to think about people and situations and places I love, and planning when and what I’m going to do for my joy rather then writing it down, but that’s me. :)

      1. ivyon

        You’re welcome. I just read the comment above me, and I agree, we need to go through our emotions, otherwise they catch us later but more intense… And I also think every single person has their own way of dealing with sadness. But I’ve felt this post to be more addressed to us – people – who stay in negative mind set for no other reason than the one we think it’s right and how we supposed to think and feel…

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  9. rusticbohochic

    Most people don’t realize that happiness is a choice. They just expect that once everything they want comes to them, thats when they can be happy. Its the exact opposite. Good job Andrew.

  10. Holly

    Lovely post – i have used this quote on my blog before – it’s so apt. Negativity is such hard work and does not help life. Obviously, we can all have shitty days, but believing in happiness helps! lovely blog.

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