The Gambler

risktakingI really like this quote.. although I think it could be a bit better by saying the a you’ll be “wise and happy” if you lose.. :)

Fitting with the theme this week, happiness definitely shouldn’t be conditional!! :)

The Gambler Inside Of You

We are all born with a need and desire to take risks. The challenge today is that so many are playing it safe.

No one wants to lose.

But what if losing wasn’t really losing?

What if losing was just feedback?

In reality that’s all it is.

As part of my business I’ve done some online advertising. Not every ad was a hit.. in fact, with many I lost.

but you know what happens?

The more I tried, failed and pick myself up again.. the more effective I became…

…and the better results I got.

I could never get better if I didn’t practice.

Edison never would have invented the light bulb if he hadn’t failed 5000 times before.

I used to play it so conservative.. I would never risk anything. I wouldn’t even go talk to a pretty girl I caught eyes with and would always be wondering what might have been.

(Luckily I finally got fed up and took a risk with my girlfriend Jordan and have a lot of joy in my life because of it)

Are you standing in your own way?

The Facts

Maxwell Maltz believes that our human compulsion to take risks is what leads people into casinos and variety stores to buy lottery tickets…

or even worse, in some cases it leads people to mental and physical addictions to drugs and alcohol.

If you find yourself doing these things on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that your subconscious is trying to tell you something…

Why waste this positive human urge on something designed to lose?

If you’re going to bet on something, why not bet on yourself?

If you’re determined to make your dream happen, no matter what, it’s like betting on a fixed game when you know the winner.

Decide that even if you fail you will have learned something and will be wiser… and that is completely true.. if you think back in your life, can you honestly say you didn’t learn something when things didn’t go as planned?

On your deathbed, you’ll probably never look back and regret trying… but if you don’t take a risk, you might die wondering.

I hope today’s post inspires you to go after something you’ve been wanting to do.

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34 thoughts on “The Gambler

  1. freeatlastww

    “What if losing was just feedback.” Awesome perspective to have. I think sometimes we get a little too much into the win at all costs mindset. Sometimes our failures can be our greatest teachers. :)

  2. geanieroake

    Love your quote Andrew. Moving out of your comfort zone is often painful, but necessary if you want to go anywhere. So many times I’ve forced myself to do something that I feared – starting a blog for instance – and it’s turned out to be great fun. Good reminder.

  3. Gede Prama

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  4. greeneyedguide

    This is a great quote Andrew, and I agree with the comments above on the value of trying, even if it means failing or how failing can be feedback.
    One of MY all-time-favorite quotes fits in with what you’re saying. It comes from the “Man in the Arena” speech. You can Google it or just take my “Cliff Notes” version: It’s about “daring greatly”, stepping into the metaphorical ring and being willing to take a few punches in pursuit of your goals. Have you heard this quote before? It can be truly motivating.

    Sometimes you have to redefine “failure” as “not trying”.
    Example of Redefining Failure

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Thanks for sharing. I enjoy the perspective! I don’t think I’ve heard the quote before but I definitely resonate with the idea/lesson! we can all benefit from constantly realizing that we’re in control of our own lives and we just have to get out there :)

  5. jaychoj

    As my dad (a psychologist) would say, we have gatekeepers who try to keep us from doing things and taking action. These gatekeepers are voices inside our head telling us that the task is too difficult, that it’s too dangerous and not worth the risk, that we can’t afford it, or that we’re better off as we are. Sometimes these gatekeepers are right (you actually shouldn’t jump off that cliff) and sometimes they’re wrong (yes, go talk to that cutie in the corner) and often it’s hard to tell if they have your best interest in mind or if they are indeed holding you back (should I quit my current job and take that other one?). What’s imperative is that, whether or not we listen to them, we at least recognize and acknowledge our gatekeepers for what they are; a safety mechanism. Excellent post I think it will always be relevant in my life.

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      well thought out comment and very relevant! The way you write just has a great flow to it. Thank you! :)

  6. jakbop

    Very Interesting and purposeful contemplation Andrew.

    That bit about ‘your subconscious trying to tell you something’; I think its always trying to, if you aren’t really conscious – that is, from the heart and, are instead mind-driven. I’m saying the mind is a tool, memory and symbolic and if permitted, swamps our consciousness, when it so becomes part of the ‘advertising world’.

    In which case, ideas of ‘freedom’ to act dangerously, desires for things we don’t need, take over. Then, we are far from simple, straight and brave.

  7. kalabalu

    Basically, when certain options are discarded, it is part of the process to develop and improve. What not to do, is important for discovering, what should to be done :) It is like setting up scenarios with variables, therefore it is not really a “gamble” , it is trying out with options ,in different combinations. Really nice post, and thank you for visiting my blog. My friend Chris, , is very promptly focusing on happiness, perhaps you can join him.

  8. thecontroversialegg

    Hey, Andy, cheers with the girlfriend. Also, what does Yoda say on trying? “There is no try, only do.” Something like that. As long as you’re living and pursing your dream, you can’t be dubbed a failure.

    1. Andrew Hines Post author

      Well I suppose that’s a whole other topic altogether. I personally believe in natural law and that we all inherently know the difference between right and wrong… Although not all acknowledge it. We all have a responsibility to be kind and make a positive impact on the world… And be true to our values. I see little risk when that is the approach. :)

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