Deliver More Value Than You Take In Money

deliver valueBack in Canada now and it feels good to be home after 6 weeks of touring Europe.

I just wanted to share a quick post on delivering value.

One of the golden rules of life and business is that successful and well liked people always deliver more in value than they take in money.

For example:

If my life-long dream was to be a unicycle rider… a manual on how to ride a unicycle would be worth a lot to me.

It would be priceless..

so at $20 for the “tell-all” manual, I would really feel like I’m getting a deal..

The person who sells the manual might only spend $1 on the paper (or nothing if he does it with an ebook) but the product still holds a high value to the person buying it.

This is a perfect example of what needs to exist in order for an exchange to happen.

We have to see more value in what we’re getting than we do in the money it costs or we would never buy anything.

“So Why Is This Important, Andrew?”

Everyone could use a little extra free time in their lives… More time to spend with family, exercising and experiencing new things…

Well what if you could have more time?

You Can!

All you have to do is start to think about how you can create MORE VALUE for people.

Rather than only thinking in terms of trading time for money, think about how you could deliver more value.

The fact of the matter is that we do NOT need to be present to deliver value.

A blog post delivers value to an interested reader.

In fact, many of my followers are bloggers who are out there putting information out onto their blogs for free when people would happily pay them for what they’re sharing! :)

Delivering Value is a surefire way to win!

And if it’s something you like.. it’s actually fun.

I consider blogging to be fun..

I can create value and continue delivering value even when I’m not around.

How Can You Create More Value This Week?

Think about how you can do the work just once, and then continue delivering on the value. Consistent thought in this direction will surely lead to much more free time with family and friends.

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11 thoughts on “Deliver More Value Than You Take In Money

  1. Winifred M. Reilly

    I put great time and effort into my blog posts, so your comment that they continue to give value while I’m off doing other things (besides writing my next blog post!) is encouraging. Nice way to think of it.

  2. Jose Lamas Gonzalez

    Good post Andrew! Sometimes we forget that Wealth is not scarce and the only way to create wealth is by adding value. There are 7 billion people in the planet so we can never stop adding value to one another.

  3. raecheldawn

    I have a random question of curiosity. I love reading your posts. They are filled with focus and spontaneity. I am very interested in whether you would ever consider doing a one on one advice for someone, such as myself. I have a millions adventurous ideas or desires, some of them practically free yet I have loads of debt and currently dealing with a personal situation (really lots of people are in the same boat). Basically what you might refer someone to on resources looking to find a focal point and change their story?

    I would love to have you as a guest blogger or reblog for you in return or either way. Let me know your thoughts or if you need more clarity haha!

    Thank you!

  4. maplevizoee

    “many of my loyal followers are bloggers who are out there putting information out onto their blogs for free when people would happily pay them for what they’re sharing”

    Wow, I never have thought about this thing before. I can’t say this doesn’t inspire, i agree with your thought, Andrew.
    But i can’t deny that money is still important. because money can make me happy when i feel sad, hihi :D. Well, people can say i’m materialistic, but i talk the truth.
    Anyway, good writing, Andrew. I was inspired..

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