Understanding “why”

In my business, I regularly coach people on how to reach their income goals and I’ve noticed something consistent that I felt was important to share.

About a year ago I learned of the pattern of 7 when it comes to motivation.

Basically, the concept is that it takes 7 questions to get to “the real reason” that someone does something.

While it doesn’t always take 7, it can.

It depends on where the person is in their thought process and how the question is positioned.

The more I’ve tried to learn about what drives people, the more I’ve come back to this fact.

Most of us, simply want to give those we care about a better life.

be real with yourself…

If you could help you mother retire or send your kids on a trip to Disney world like you’ve always wanted to, wouldn’t you do it?

I can’t think of a better feeling than helping others to help those that they care about.

At the end of the day, we all have to help ourselves… no one can do it for us..

however, we can do great things with consistency. and a burning desire to make our vision of a better life come true…


Until next time! :)


13 thoughts on “Understanding “why”

  1. fsutroutbum

    Excellent points. As a semi retired executive I have found that one of the keys is to get a person to actually realize their potential. If we take the time and find the particular trigger in a person we can help them to have a more rewarding life.
    By the way thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. Jenny Cantu

    I, too, have heard of this pattern and in different contexts too, but one being it takes 7 years to master something. I hope I can hang on long enough to master writing. My dream is to publish a children’s book. :) Look for my name in a bookstore near you in 7 years. 😉 – J.C.

  3. The Jilted Flower

    Thank you, Andrew. The content you share is wonderful. I love the song your band performs called, “Fix you”. Your positive presence and passion for humankind is much appreciated.

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