What Is The Key To Daily Productivity?


Great thought for the day:

To get a specific result, we need a specific and CLEAR intention. I’ve started writing an intention down every day.

Of course it’s a stretch to do at this point for me, but, as I’ve been told by almost every mentor I’ve ever had (books, audios and in person), you need to see it in your mind before it can come true…

And I know that’s totally possible if I commit to it.

Why? because I’ve come close to it and I’ve met many people who’ve done what I want to do.

I found inspiration and made my goals REAL by getting close to do-ers!


What’s your intention for today?

Knowing what it is is far more important than how you will achieve it!

It’s amazing what the subconscious mind can do with a daily task… just the sheer act of writing a goal down makes it far more likely to come to fruition.

Wanna make your goals come true?

Remember TODAY.

Everything is TODAY.

Not tomorrow.


Nothing should wait for tomorrow. anything you can take action on today for you should take action on today.

This is a lesson that I’m really working to take to heart.

Results happen daily..

for some reason it’s more challenging to do goals monthly because if we fall behind, we have a long way to catch up by the 29th day of the month…


if we schedule our goals daily, we have very quick feedback to how we’re doing.

Think about what you can set a clear intention on today and make it happen!

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17 thoughts on “What Is The Key To Daily Productivity?

  1. jjack327

    Can’t wait to see your video. People don’t understand it is important to move forward in life. Being productive on a daily basis; even in the smallest amounts will always be beneficial to a quality of life that is positive.

  2. irinadim

    Excellent reminder! Just what I need today to get on with all the things I have to do, boring things, paying bills etc. :)
    Then I can get back to what I like doing. Sigh! I wish a good fairy would do those boring things for me. :)

  3. longstoryblog

    Thanks for checking out my little blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. In relation to this post. I once heard a quote that goals you don’t write down are just wishes.

  4. Jose Lamas Gonzalez

    We believe what we think about, that my friend is the strangest secret. Believe and succeed. Desire, backed by intention, persistence and planning can get you anything because thoughts are truly things, remember that everything in this world first started in someones mind.


  5. Fred-the-Needle

    I agree with what you write, setting goals does give a sense of satisfaction we can see the progress we have made. I am a fan of wish boards, mostly because I am a visual person. Lists don’t work for me, because they are very linear, but mind maps seem to work especially when they are colourful.

    There are two exceptions: always put off doing something when you are angry, and if you don’t know if you should or shouldn’t do something, do nothing until you feel certain about where you should go – sometimes listening to our hearts requires time and space.

  6. biancamena123

    It is funny because just recently I have been trying to adopt the idea to take day by day at a time. There can be moments where I think about the future or the past and I waste a day thinking of other things besides the present. It is a great idea to be thinking of what your daily goals are and trying to achieve them.

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