How To Get Your Content Read and Get MORE Followers On WordPress

It’s HERE! lol… it’s been a while since I did a training and it’s time.

You’ll definitely want to watch this series all the way to the end if you’re interested in learning how you can get more followers on your wordpress blog (either self hosted or on

This is a strategy of interaction. So you’ll need to get out there and get involved with your fellow bloggers!

It’s going to be fun! :)

Here’s the first video:

Here are the links to the other videos:

Video Two

Video Three

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My apologies to those of you who have left comments and not got a response from me yet.. I’ve been a bit preoccupied but will get back to you! :)

13 thoughts on “How To Get Your Content Read and Get MORE Followers On WordPress

  1. Wendy Karasin

    These video’s were so helpful – please do more on driving traffic to your blog. For some reason, Video 1, regarding a gravitar, was unclear. Please redo and resend!

  2. Wendy Karasin

    P.S. Andrew, I took your advice and joined some Facebook groups (Video 3). I can go directly to my personal FB page from WP and post, but how do I post on the new group sites?

  3. islandletters

    This was very helpful! Thanks a bunch. I propose that you reblog it under the title “Building a WordPress community,” cuz this goes beyond getting followers, its ultimately about finding peers.

  4. realityretreat

    i have the followers 51 so far but the only way i seem to get comments is if i post a link to a link up for comments, ive asked several times for comments from my followers but no luck. most of my blogs are opinion style blogs and it would be nice occasioaly to hear what my readers think and if they like what im writing

  5. darrelhoff

    Hey Andrew, thanks so much for releasing these videos. After watching them I went and edited my avatar to have my blog links attached. so a BIG thank you for the good advice. Keen to get my writing voice more and more out there.

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