I Am That I Am

wayne dyer

I’m taking a bit of a spiritual approach this morning since I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer quite a bit.

Wayne is a pretty awesome guy and has given me a very different perspective on life. In his book, Wishes Fulfilled, Wayne really focused on God defining himself as “I am” and suggested that we are all part of God, and are God (not an ego driven statement but a statement of love).

Based on this notion, Wayne actually stated that it could be considered blasphemy any time a person says “I am…”, follow it by anything that is not in congruence with the divine presence. Now I normally don’t dig too deeply into religion on this because I know that many of my readers have different views… but I ask you to consider this one.

If you believe that God created you, and that God is a part of you.. have you ever considered the effect of saying negative expression such as “I am stupid” or “I am slow” or “I am worn out”?

After learning this concept, I really took how I was identifying myself to heart and simply wanted to share this interesting perspective.

I ask that you kindly take this a “food for thought” and not a judgement on the “correct view” of God. I simply wanted to share this with you and hopefully have a positive impact on your day.

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25 thoughts on “I Am That I Am

  1. ambergrizanti

    Thanks for the post! I’ve never thought of the effects when making negative statements concerning myself but this is really going to make me stop and think before I say those things!

  2. Argenis Mago

    Growing up in a religious family I read the bible from cover to cover only to find myself baffled to why God would referred to himself as ‘I am that I am.’ What an odd thing to call oneself! But now I know better.

    Thank you for reminding me today to be careful how I use this powerful phrase.

  3. Tracey

    That is a great way to start our mornings. I Am successful in all that I do. I Am one who loves and helps people. Great post thanks :)

  4. Joanna Fay

    Wayne Dyer is a great inspirer…:)

    And yes, it feels a whole lot more fun to say ‘I AM Love’ than ‘I AM exhausted’…..;)
    Thanks for the post.

  5. paydra

    Morning! Excellant thought-provoking post. I had a “moment” the other day when it dawned on me that maybe we need to dig deep and realize that life itself is about simply living with gratitude and work with what we have…simple concept in theory…putting it into practice is a little harder to do…maybe there is no “purpose” for our lives but simply that…finding pure joy in life and being grateful for whatever we have been blessed with.

  6. R.S. HELMS

    Good for you, a good post and good food for thought, and an encouragement to all of us to explore a deeper spiritual awareness of the almighty God. Thanks

  7. Kelly

    Thank you for an awesome post. I’ve been trying to consciously put a positive thought in my head every day to dwell on, in order to keep the good vibes rollin’! Thanks for putting this out there! Have a great day!

  8. Charli Mills

    This is good food for the heart and mind, Andrew! Our intentions begin with our thoughts and what we speak is powerful. It is good to be mindful of what we say (or as writers, what we commit to type). As a believer, I have found that calling out to the “Great I AM” is a powerful prayer, very fortifying. Keep building up with your words!

  9. pacooper2013

    I too am a follower of Wayne Dyer. ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ is a brilliant book and the approach that he takes to the use of ‘I AM’ is great. In fact it was after reading that book that I decided to finally write my own book ‘Walk the Pathway to Spirituality’ and introduce my journals ‘Journals from My Father Vols 1 & 2. Like ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ these were written inspirationally and focussed very much on the I AM teachings. You might be interested to have a look at my blog (which I am replying from) and my website ‘walkthepathwaytospirituality.com to find out more about these books. In the meantime I did enjoy today’s blog and would like to see more of the same.

  10. Julie Phelps

    I discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer a few years ago during a brief but intense time of emotional distress. Wishes Fulfilled, along with other written and audio offerings of his, did more than just “fix” me. Dr. Dyer changed my life’s outlook – my attitude – and the way I now consciously live each day.
    While doing online dating sites over the past year I experimented with various phrases or headlines to accompany my profile. I was surprised by the varied responses when I simply wrote “I Am That I Am”.
    Some guys understood right away. Others appeared confused; in response to their emailed questions I explained about Dr. Dyer. In the end, it was helpful in weeding out the ones I was likely not a good match with.
    And as I’ve been recently blogging, I did find the right one for me. And of course, he “gets it”.

  11. Dante Nelson

    Great work here, Andrew. I was just writing about something like this. Long story short, an experience in my childhood dealing with the fruit of the spirit. A bunch of us kids were each given a fruit. I ended up with joy. Interestingly enough, I have been known to be a person with a great sense of humor and always with an encouraging word. So, I became “joy”. It was only for a skit but I embraced it as a part of my life. That’s what I told myself. I am joy. So I feel you on this post.

  12. Mind Fuel (@mindfuelstuff)

    I don’t understand how religious people can judge other people for making bad choices if they believe god created us all. If that’s the case, then we are all in it’s image and we are all “perfect” because we were created that way. It takes all types of people to make the world go round.

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